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Wellbeing & Support

On my website, you'll discover that in addition to my role as a Celebrant and Speaker, I am a certified Holistic Therapist specializing in Energy work and the release of blocked emotions that might be hindering personal growth. Furthermore, I hold qualifications as a meditation practitioner, Reiki master, and have completed training up to Level 2 in Counselling Concepts, with a keen interest in Talking Therapy.

I am passionate about reshaping our approach to well-being concerns, recognizing that our current lifestyles have taken a toll on collective mental health, evident in rising cases of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders among both children and adults.

Through 121 or group therapy, I help my clients become more connected with their innate ability to heal and work through any trauma causing distress. I try to take clients through personally curated transformation journeys while equipping them with coping techniques to help in times of crisis. 

To find out how I can help you navigate any challenge you face, why not arrange a complimentary consultation over the telephone? I am committed to helping you so we can chat about anything at all that may be causing you distress. 

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